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I grew up in an unhealthy and traumatic family dynamic that NO child should ever have to experience but unfortunately so many do! The common absent father with a single mom raising her children left to figure everything out on her own kind of story. My journey started out extremely painful from experiencing sexual, physical, and verbal abuse at the age of 4 years old.

By the age of 19, I created a toxic romantic situationship that turned into a constant exchange of emotional and psychological violence. Eventually the arguments turned into an act of physical violence, in which I was shot by her and left fighting for my life! Being paralyzed for a year forced me to reflect on everything leading up to that moment, and see that I had been given the perfect opportunity to CHANGE everything about my life and story moving forward! During that time I studied and learned the critical value, endless benefits and application of emotional intelligence and how to increase my own! 

Can you relate in any way? 

Today, I use my own personal experiences and the 4 domains of emotional intelligence (E.I.) – emotional awareness, emotional management, social emotional awareness, and relationship management to help people across the globe, regardless of their background, age or gender, to reclaim themselves and create a fulfilling thriving lifestyle! 

I AM more than just a testament to what’s possible, I’m living proof! 

Are you ready to experience your heart unleashed? 


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The key to achieving financial success, healing your trauma, and living a fulfilled life of purpose is only accessible through the heart. The heart is considered the origin of our emotions. Your behavior and thoughts are directly correlated with your day-to-day emotional state. 

Our emotions are essential for connecting and communicating with ourselves and others. We are able to tap into our emotions through the heart, therefore, when the heart is closed we usually feel disconnected and out of touch with ourselves and the world around us. 

Living from your heart gives you direct access to the authentic expression of your emotions and feelings. Change the way you speak, Release the story you held onto, and heal the wounds from your past. Each of our processes guide you through the pain and back into your heart where your purpose, peace and fulfillment awaits you!

Breakthrough Session

60-minutes that shifts you from speaking as the victim in your story, and into the mindset as your own problem-solver. The session provides you with new solutions and possibilities to overcome your current challenges whether its relationship challenges, doubts & fears, financial struggles, etc. so that you can take immediate action towards the circumstances you faced at the beginning of your session.

Power Hour Coaching

Are you ready to shift from repeated old negative thinking patterns and cycles keeping you from growing due to doubt and fear? Power Hour helps you reset the nervous system and get to the root of the matter so that in the best case scenario you have realistic solutions to achieve your desired outcome(s) of relief, clarity, direction and feeling unstuck by the end of your session.

1:1 Transformational Coaching

You’ve likely been taught or told stories as a child that have left you programmed as an adult to believe a false identity about yourself, believe you're not worthy, you’re not capable, or you're too much. These ideas have likely pushed you into states of doubt, fear and procrastination causing you to do just enough to make it through each day. It's up to you to make the choice to move past those limitations and let go of your old identity in order to heal, and create a successful and fulfilled life. Right now it seems like a challenge but when you're strategically guided through these old stories, your transformation begins to feel tangible and possible. Our 1:1 coaching provides you with a safe and trusted space with step-by-step guidance where you're able to reveal it all to heal it all.

Easy Guides For Healing

Your healing should never feel far out of reach! Now you can begin guiding yourself through easy step-by-step practices TODAY! Learn how to adjust your mindset to master manifestation, learn practices that bring you out of bouts of depression, reduce self-doubt and negative self-talk from your daily routine. These easy to follow guides come with exercises to show you how to immediately apply the practices to begin shifting into healthier ways to express your feelings and strengthen your mental and emotional well-being!

The benefits when YOU can...
Reveal it, Feel it, Speak it, Release it, and Heal it!

Unleash Your Heart Power

Do you struggle with communicating your feelings and emotions, which often leads to arguments and criticism in your relationships?

When you don’t have the emotional tools to speak and move through the anger or frustration that arises when faced with conflict, what usually happens is that you shut down, isolate, go into unhealthy patterns and stories and the heart closes. Healing the past wounds around the heart is essential to creating and sustaining a healthy relationship dynamic with yourself and those around you.

Leading with an open heart is the only way to get through the pain and discomfort. You must allow yourself to feel whatever is arising without any judgments or harsh criticism. Self-love is the foundation for your internal growth and elevation!

Unlock Your Mind Power

Do you struggle with constantly thinking about past experiences that have hurt you?

Your mindset is the vehicle to get you to where you want to go! A traumatized mindset stuck in all the negative things that have happened to you will stop you from believing and feeling you’re worthy of a healthy wholesome life, which negatively affects your self-confidence, love-life, financial dreams and goals. Eventually, it causes you to resort to unhealthy behaviors and habits that will ultimately unravel your entire life! Improving the way you think and feel about yourself provides you with endless opportunities to become everything you think you can’t.

Leading with an open heart is the only way to get through the pain and discomfort. You must allow yourself to feel whatever is arising without any judgments or harsh criticism. Self-love is the foundation for your internal growth and elevation!

Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

Do you struggle with verbally communicating your emotions and feelings to others?

You were taught as a child to brush it off, shut up and get over it, even though you weren’t actually okay. Over time you automatically suppress your uncomfortable emotions and feelings that arise on a daily basis. Or maybe you now feel like your emotions don’t really matter any more. Learning to effectively communicate exactly how you feel helps build self-worth, self-esteem, self-love, self-care, healthy boundaries and feel understood and accepted by other people.

Leading with an open heart is the only way to get through the pain and discomfort. You must allow yourself to feel whatever is arising without any judgments or harsh criticism. Self-love is the foundation for your internal growth and elevation!


During a time when my staff felt overwhelmed, exhausted and unsure about the future, we knew we needed to create a space for our team to engage in exercises that are centered in mindfulness. Arjuna was recommended to me by a staff member and he was incredible. Even in a virtual space, he was able to call us in and get us to engage in purposeful breathing, storytelling and gave us all mindfulness strategies we could use on our own or with our students. Our teachers asked him back and deeply appreciated their time with him! Arjuna brought us a sense of healing and peace during a tumultuous time. We still use the strategies today and we look forward to seeing him in the future.

Tiffany Moore
Arjuna O’Neal has a very special and gentle way of getting straight into heart. His love and restoration for our planet is also translated and demonstrated in his coaching and speaking abilities in a way that feels universal to all human beings. His exemplary contribution to Earthspeed has been such a gift and is exactly what our planet needs more of. We’re definitely looking forward to more collaborations with Arjuna!

Adrian Grenier

Earthspeed - a nature-based lifestyle platform

Arjuna O’Neal, an exquisite mindfulness facilitator who spoke on the Eat Move Meditate panel in 2020. He was able to connect with the audience on a deep personal level, inspiring many to make positive changes in their own lives. Arjuna was an outstanding guest speaker, and his presentation left a lasting impact on everyone who attended. We are grateful for the opportunity to learn from such an experienced and knowledgeable expert in the field of health and wellness. Thank you Arjuna, for sharing your story and expertise with us at the Eat Move Meditate community event.

Adrienne & Amir

Arjuna is one of the greatest leaders I have had the privilege of working with. I am the founder of the School of Healing Arts, an education platform for adults and youth to heal from trauma and create more passion in their lives. What drew me to ask Arjuna to speak for our 2022 cohort was more than my words could describe. It is his gift to lead and speak from the heart. Sharing his experience of nearly losing his life, and the lessons he learned along the way to rebuilding his body and his mindset are invaluable to any leader striving to make a difference in this world. Through sharing his story and tools with our group, each participant saw new possibilities for their life, as they were moved to discover how to lead from a different part of themselves, our heart. I cannot thank Arjuna enough for his contribution both to my life and the lives of those we have worked with. He is leaving a legacy as an educator for underprivileged youth and men.

Julia Simone

With his warm and welcoming demeanor and generosity of spirit, Arjuna is always available to support others, sharing his expertise in mindfulness and emotional intelligence to anyone in need. Whether you’re facing a complex problem or just need sound advice, he is quick to come up with ingenious solutions and offer valuable insights. His combination of emotional intelligence, creativity, resourcefulness, and empathy make him a true asset to any organization and team.

Dawn Baillie

Arjuna has a special ability to hold an open heart and a fierce presence to create the trust needed to support men in opening their hearts. He is a reliable guide and ally for men to navigate into the deep abyss of their wounds and problems, which allow them to return with a full dose of vitality. I would highly recommend Arjuna!

Joshua Wenner

Arjuna is phenomenal and a true pleasure to work with. He is an inspiring and powerful mindfulness instructor who brings a high level professionalism to every interaction with our corporate wellness clients. I always receive positive feedback from the participants of his classes and seminars, and am grateful for his contribution toward the success of our programs!

Nicole Mixdorf

Arjuna’s unique methods to move beyond the mind and literally tap into the heart is skillfully impressive! He’s masterful at dancing between the mind, the body, and the heart, which creates a deeper experience to the full human experience.

Keith Mitchell

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